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Author Topic: Jerkface  (Read 876 times)

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« on: April 09, 2006, 16:08:30 PM »

banned for swearing and abuse of players

Server Map
2006-04-04 18:25:47 Say I said "COCK WANK very naughty boy BALLS". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:25:40 Say I said "FAGGOT flip COCK". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:25:05 Say I said "so i said to her, no i want a bag of crisps". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:25:01 Say I said "flip COCK KNOB POTATO". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:24:56 Say I said "FAGGOT flipER". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:24:39 Say I said "YOU flipING SUCK". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:18:26 Say I said "im eatin". middleagedgamers de_prodigy
2006-04-04 18:14:03 Say I said "so is your face". middleagedgamers cs_office
2006-04-04 18:12:32 Say I said "man what a fliping faggot server rule". middleagedgamers cs_office
2006-04-04 18:12:24 Say I said "flip you". middleagedgamers cs_office
2006-04-04 18:12:21 Say I said "worst server rule ever". middleagedgamers cs_office
2006-04-04 18:09:26 Say I said "fluke".



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Re: Jerkface
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2006, 18:50:19 PM »

think i'll paste that id onto my banned.cfg

it will save time later, just the kind of person you dont need
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